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“I was always interested in Latin music and culture. I was a Spanish major in college for a while and during which was a frequent visitor to Puerto Rico. When I visited Cuba I was moved by these amazing musicians and hearing stories of what happened to them during the Cuban Revolution. Their stories stuck with me and inspired me to write this musical.”

-Creator of Havana Music Hall, Richard Kagan


Havana Music Hall’s best known band is on the rise in a thrilling, creative 1958 Cuba. Husband and wife team Rolando and Ramona Calderon are on the verge of breaking through to the world’s stage when the Revolution tears the only world they have ever known apart.

Almost sixty years later, we find the duo trying to forget the past in the now devastated Havana Music Hall, but others won’t let them.


Havana Music Hall's story captures the pain and joy of the Cuban experience like nothing before. As hearts break, spirits will soar with the original score, which already has been called "astonishing" by respected industry professionals.

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